Happy Fat

Vol by tielji
Vol, a photo by tielji on Flickr.

One of the only benefits to having a broken heart is the "Break up and Die" diet. Good GRIEF that was awesome! I lost every ounce of weight that I put on when I quit smoking in three weeks! I had the best time pulling my favorite outfits out of solitary confinement (otherwise known as the "I will fit into this again one day, I swear to God" section of the closet). Honestly, it was like getting a whole new wardrobe! A whole new wardrobe that most of which had since become outdated - and was promptly sent to Goodwill.

When BF and I got back together, I slowly put back on that ole Quit Weight. However, it couldn't be called Quit Weight anymore - now it could only be called Happy Fat.

Happy Fat stinks. It won't exercise off, it won't starve off, it won't melt off with sauna heat - noooo, Happy Fat is here to stay.

I am grateful that Happy Fat can be camouflaged and hidden with the right clothing, but I want to dance naked (in my own home when noone is there, by the way) at least one more time before I turn into an old lady - and Happy Fat doesn't dance naked.

The only solution that I can think of is the "Break up and Die" diet, and every once in awhile I get desperate enough to contemplate starting the process.

Thankfully - my heart knows how to trump my vanity and will shake some sense back into my head.

I just wish that when my heart shook some sense into my head, my Happy Fat wouldn't jiggle so much.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Maybe just some trips to the gym?

terri said...

Well, probably, LOC. But that won't play in to my theory that there is NOTHING I CAN DO!

I have worked out a few times now...like four or five times a month - well - LAST month...and nothing.

:) You believe me, right?