Morosity Exposed

Steel Peacock by tielji
Steel Peacock, a photo by tielji on Flickr.
For the record, Morosity isn't a word. Not a real one, anyway.

I don't care. (Not caring is called apathy. Apathy is a real word.)

Morosity - a constant state of morose-ness. (I made this up)

mo·rose   [muh-rohs]
1.gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood.
2.characterized by or expressing gloom.

Good grief - I have always thought of myself as a relatively cheery and optimistic person.

It was BF who rather bluntly enlightened me with the news that I am showing all of the symptoms of chronic depression. (He wasn't that nice or elegant about it, though.)

I think the term "Chronic Depression" in itself is too broad, too much of a cop-out for everyday maladies and bad attitudes. A catch-all phrase, a generic way of explaining away being lethargic and uninspired.

I think I am just a morose person!

A beautiful sunset is mourned because it changes too quickly and goes away - never to be seen again.

A tender moment of holding hands brings a peculiar ache to the heart as the hands will separate soon and the closeness experienced will be encroached upon by time and distraction.

The joy of a reunion with a loved one is overshadowed by anticipation of the impending pain of separating again.

Morosity. I don't want it anymore. Going to find me some endorphins and serotonins and marshal my gloom and doom thoughts right on out the door until I can see sunshine in my heart again.

I can only hope it lasts... *sigh*

(Ha! See? I made a funny joke! Take THAT, morosity!)
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