Johnny's Farm
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I am hoping that since I used the "Blog It" feature on my Flickr Share button, the picture will turn out clean and sharp. A few times I have been disappointed with the end quality. I am crossing my fingers...

So. What's been going on with you? How was your Thanksgiving? Are you getting ready for the Big Show AKA Christmas?

Things here are odd. I don't know what to call my relationship status, I am still unemployed, and my head is still a bit too noisy for my comfort.

But all in all, I am still a very blessed girl.

I am dreading Christmas, though, and that makes me sad. Dec 27 seems to be a much more preferred day - the pressure of providing a memorable Christmas with all of it's trappings is over, but the excitement of celebrating NYE is still in the anticipatory stage.

*Noisy Head Alert* I hope that I won't be spending NYE alone this year.

Or if I DO end up spending it alone, that I have a nice supply of cabernet, cheese and crackers.


Haphazardkat said...

Thanksgiving was wonderful :) I'm looking forward--really looking forward--to Christmas this year. First time in..hmm..ever! :D

Hope your head quiets some. Or if not, I can loan you some of my noise and we can have a head symphony!

Jim K. said...

Wonderful to see your light still shining brightly at the end of those tunnels.

And your photos - gadzooks they are stunning!

Don't worry about the holidays yet. I save that for Dec. 24th around 3PM... :-)

TQ said...

I really love that photograph! Appears older than antique.

terri said...

Kat, I think that is wonderful news!! YAY!! :)
...and I think we would make wonderful music together.

Jim, I am also a Dec 24th shopper. It's ridiculous. Thank you for the compliment - wish my stunning photos made money! :)

TQ - thank you very much. I didn't even alter it that much ... was just lucky with the landscape and morning lighting. I really like it too!