Indulgent Lament

(Image found @ Caedes.net. Artist is Kodos34...one of my favorites.)

Please explain to me why I can't figure out how to make a life where I just take pictures and make crazy things with them and post them for everyone to see.

Please share with me why I can't amass a fortune writing random things in random forums. I am good at it - well, if quantity equals quality in this case. 

Please tell me why I can't pay my bills with the emotional currency of hanging out with my boyfriend and going to music festivals and eating nachos and drinking beer at lunch on swanky patios. 

Because those are the things that I want to do. Those are the things that inspire me and make me feel alive.

And right now it is important that I feel alive.


Mildred Ratched said...

Please if you figure it out, share the secret with the rest of us!

Alyssa S said...

Love it! Love Kodos 34 too - when I first saw your post in reader I thought, "Oh, Terri has been taking pics without me...bitch!" Then, "Damn, she's good!" :o)

Jon said...

well, add on goodle ads and then I can make your dream come slightly closer,....

ColleenQ said...

Because then we'd be fighting for the same job! (well, the eating nachos and drinking beer for lunch part)!

Keep doing these wonderful things - I find the world such a better place with you in it =:)

Juici said...

Let me know if you ever figure that out. I feel the same way only you put it much nicer than I would have. <3