Tberri's Overactive Lens

This is an actual marketing technique...these shoes are airport friendly! Does that mean that they slip on and off easily when moving through the Gestapo line, or does it mean that you can't store devices in them without being discovered? Does it mean that they won't make alot of noise when you are running to your gate only to find out that your plane has been delayed? Perhaps it means that you can jump up and down on the escalator and people mover while trying to entertain the children who have been stuck in the terminal for the last 13 hours? Perhaps they help you find your lost luggage...just perhaps!

Gotta get me some.

Hey - here is a plea for humanity...Don't take my contenner away please...please!! FGS! I love my contenner and I won't have you jackin' it from me again!

(This drip-catching contenner was found in front of the Chinese restaurant D and I go for lunch on Saturdays last year during the many weeks of melting and freezing snow.)

(Cute, isn't it?)

Oh yeah...got caught speeding again.

Thankfully, this time I was not the one sitting in the driver's seat.

I still may have been the cause for the excess speed...depends on who you talk to.

I feel innocent enough.

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