Professional Head Banger

Criminy Almighty.

Sometimes the mental gymnastics that my mind does at any given part of the day give me the shivers.

My thought processes are NOT CORRECT! How is that possible? I am a smart girl. I am street smart (sort of) and book smart (a bit) but every once in awhile I am a complete NINCOMPOOP!


Last night I took a car load of girlfriends to Denver for a meeting - fun, outgoing, loud and boisterous girls. We had the very best time listening to music and comparing boyfriend/SO stories - some tales more serious than others. My contribution was the fact that D's secretary has a crush on him and texts him at all hours of the day and night. It drives me batty, but I say nothing. I am the cool girlfriend, right? Even though the secretary before her sent him pics of herself in her underwear (that happened last January...I just finally asked him about it a couple of weeks ago. I lack in the adressing issues department.) and even though we both know that it is innappropriate, I say nothing. I figured I would come off jealous and stupid. My friends thought this was a definite gaffe in handling him, and encouraged me to take measures to end this ill fated circumstance one way or the other - "because you just can't hold stuff in like that...it's unhealthy". An ultimatum if you will.

After coming down to meet me for drinks and dinner, he launched into a story about said secretary/skankho sharing tales of her notsorecent tummy tuck. A very innocent exchange between the two, I am sure. But just her name (and the beer I was drinking) pushed me right over the edge and boy, howdy, didn't I just tell HIM that it was either her or I, and that I would not put up with this type of innappropriateness and neither should he?! Oh. Yes. I. Did.

After about two hours of nonsensical back and forth BS that ranged from how often he did/didn't call me, how much time he spent talking to her, what type of texts she sent vs. mine, etc. he fell asleep when I took a potty break. I wiped him clean out with my psycho girlfriend routine.

I woke him up with a treat this morning...and then shared the one special lesson that I learned from all of our headbanging excersises: The reason why we sometimes hold in things we feel and think is because they are stupid and should NOT be let out.

He forgave me.

...and then his phone buzzed with a message.

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