Class Project

Class Project by Gypsy Scribe
Class Project, a photo by Gypsy Scribe on Flickr.

I am converting to Catholicism. For the reals. I am actually IN the process as we speak.

In fact, I am at the part of the process that is the most intense: Lent/Easter and my first Eucharist.

For the past 7 months D and I have been attending class on what it means to become a Catholic, and I have to say it has been surprisingly enjoyable! I love my classmates, and the education is very interesting. One would think that D would be bored as he is what they call a "Cradle Catholic" (born in to the faith), but honestly, I think he has learned just as much as I have about his church.

I am surprised at myself. I did not see conversion to ANYTHING in my future. My faith has been complete since I was a child - not always practiced, but complete nonetheless.

I guess this is what happens when contemplating how to change "my future" in to "our future".

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