Tire-d of the Same Old Thing

Happy New Year!

It has happened again, yes? This annual rolling around of a brand new start.

Did you take advantage of it? Did you need to take advantage of it?

I have been observing lately. I have been particularly drawn to those people who always have something in "the works". Whether it is art, a family activity, a social event, or personal improvement - I am surrounded by people who pack more in a day than I can fit in to a week.

I want to be like them.

I know that some of the people I admire are plagued with demons that I am not equipped to deal with (bipolar, scars from abuse, etc) and others have vices that carry them farther and longer than the average human ... and I don't want to have THAT part of their productive/artistic nature.

Do they always have to go hand-in-hand, though?

On a serious note, I will be sharing my New Years/New Start resolutions with you now:

In the year of 2014, I hereby resolve to buy more art. I also resolve to make some of my own.
I resolve to purchase or borrow more books - and read them sober (that makes a difference, you know). I also will write some words of my own.
I resolve to be recognize and act on my own extraordinariness. I resolve to honor yours.

Happy New Year/New Start to you. Much love!

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