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It's all about perspective.

I know this.

We can each look at the same event and come away with a different life lesson or opinion.

We can change our attitude just by changing how we view our circumstances.

Sometimes, though? Sometimes I can't change my perspective and it takes a drastic measure on the Universe's part to wrench my gaze back to what really matters.

I tend to be a bit obsessive. I lock on to an idea, an exchange with another person, a relationship, or a hurt - mostly on to hurts and worries, and I can't break free. I mull it over fifty different directions, I dig up all of the details for rehashing, I talk about it incessantly, I make plans based on it's importance - and then when my focus changes, I look back and despise myself for my previous conduct. As you can probably guess, I get obsessed about my obsessiveness!

Do you, my dear friends, think that this lack of perspective/obsession problem is a chemical thing? A human condition? A gender issue? A psychotic tendency? An indicator of maturity?

I shall check back incessantly to see your answers.



Laoch of Chicago said...

Brain chemistry.

TQ said...

I agree with Loach. The good news is that the chemistry gets better with time and the brain evolves more of its own systems to deal with the imbalance.

Haphazardkat said...

yup, chemicals was my answer. I do the same thing so we must be sipping from the same chemical cocktail ;)

terri said...

Chemical imbalance was my choice, too.

That's kinda hard to fix. :(

T said...

Sometimes, I just have to look in my mirror and say STOP!!!! It's not called the monkey mind for nothing!

Fina said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. <3

Jenni Conner said...

1.) I agree with everyone else.. chemical imbalance.

2.) I'm SO with ya! I do the exact same thing. It's a habit I've been trying to work on for the last year. Since I KNOW it's a problem, when it pops up now, I can address it. It works some of the time.. but not always.

Anonymous said...

I agree with T ; never heard of " monkey mind"... But if that's primitive thinking, remember this; we are evolved, our knuckles don't drag on the ground. We have the ability to stop a thought process just by changing the way we think. Next time when you find yourself in that same obsessive pattern just say "stop" or think of something that makes you happy. The term "breaking the cycle " is truly relevant
Do it! See the change! YOU are the controller of your mind; get in control again. YOU have the power to change your BRAIN CHEMISTRY ... Rx drugs , they're nothing compared to you're own FREE WILL!

CausedByKarma said...

occasionally i think back on things that totally consumed me for months at a time - they were the most important thing in life - and now, most of those same things seem so minuscule and then the regret of how much time was wasted on them when the end result could not be controlled anyway.

terri said...

T - that is a very helpful habit to develop. I am relieved to know that others deal with this, too!

Fina - <3 :)

Jenni - again, glad to have wonderful company on my path!

Anon - I totally get what you are saying. (The "monkey brain" is that whole amygdala hijack thing where you act off of fight or flight chemicals.) Even people who swear by humans being at the mercy of their natural instincts believe that we have the power and control to overcome our most immature reactions. Thank Gawd. :)

CBK - that is exACTLY what I am talking about. The whole consuming/wasting issue. Ugh.