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I have been doing crazy things to my phone lately. It is almost as if it senses my imbalance and translates all of my negative energy into random internal commands. 

For two weeks I tried unsuccessfully to reach my mother. I was so desperate to talk to her, so needy, and so distraught that my poor little phone freaked out. Twice, instead of calling my mom, it called D's mom! Very awkward...especially when sobbing. Three times it disconnected as soon as someone answered on the other end. One time it just refused to dial the number at all. (Are phones allowed to be that disobedient??) Finally, my mom called ME. 

And as soon as I heard her voice the tears started. 

Now, I don't get to talk to my mother a whole lot - I would like to say that we are the kind of family that calls each other once or twice a day or even a week - but the truth is, we aren't. I have gone for months without talking to my mom or dad. (Determined to change that, by the way...) So I am sure that it was a bit bewildering to have me launch into a full blown sob with sniffles and garbled words. Like a trooper, she listened until I was all done, asked a few pertinent questions, and did the only right thing to do in such a situation: she went online and procured a plane ticket for her crazy daughter to come visit her little piece of heaven in NH. 

I am going to see my mom in early Sept. YAY! :) 

Let's all say it together one. More. Time -  It's going to be okay. 



CausedByKarma said...

well, it'll certainly be alright the beginning of september. nothing like a mom-fix for some mental medication. have a great trip!

Mark said...

All is and will be as it should be! You create the reality you desire.

terri said...

Thank you, CBK! Hell, I might be okay by the time I get there. You just never know with me. It's a problem. :)

Mark, thanks for dropping by! What an incredible blog you have of your own...I hope you won't mind if I link to it from here...