Gettin' Crazy Wid Da Postin'

E, the new Sax player for P-nuckle. Soooo good. We saw them last week at the Oriental with Pepper. Also soooo good.

Two postings. Within twelve hours of each other. What??!

I thought alot about what I wrote last night...it sounded to me like I was relying on someone else to make me feel good about myself. And that is not the case. My only feeling was that I want all of my intense emotions to be reciprocated. (I am a princess, dammit!)
And I don't feel like they are. And that makes me feel like a fool. And more than ANYTHING, I don't want to be a fool. (Clearly princesses are not supposed to feel like fools.)
I don't know whether to jump and run, sit and wait, yell and scream, or smile and ignore.

Again - is this a common feeling?

My tummy hurts.


Jeff said...

You isn't no fool, princess! That's the fact, jack!

Nice to see you blogging again, your highness!

terri said...

Mwah! Hiya, Jeff. You are always so good for my heart. Thank you...