Niel's Ode to One Year

Look what my Nela girl wrote for my One Year Celebration of No Smoking!

A year can be an eternity
A year can be a flash
New lives have been opened
Old lives have been passed
The journey is marked with pain and tears
But laughter and joy as well
You soldier on with a brave heart and smile
Wondering what time will tell
Love was kissed gently
And painfully let go

Your soul begin its new emergence
To the freedom it should know
A year of independence
A year of screaming out loud
But at the end of all of it -
at the very end of all of it -
it's your year to be most proud.

Niel, you will never know how deeply you touched my heart. I don't think anyone has ever written a poem for me before, and I certainly was not expecting such a beautiful gift on that day. You treated my One Year just like the High Holiday I felt it was. Thank you.

And, Niel?
Look at the flowers Darin sent. Sent them to me at work.

He thought it was important, too. Amazing.

Friends and family alike: Look at how happy and healthy and wonderful my children look One Year after turning their life on it's head by something so silly as quitting smoking! A day that changed EVERYTHING for them. And for me.
I am so glad I made that decision.
It was the right one.


Jim said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We're non-smokers
Me and You!


Congratulations! You look great and sound like you're still mightily alive. Big hugs all around...

Nela said...

I'm so proud of the changes and growth you have created in your life. You are amazing (and so are the flowers!!) : ) All of us around you are lucky to be touched by your light of action, fun, and forward positive thinking. I love you MUCH! Now find a time when we can go out and play dammit!!! : )