There she goes...there she goes again...

I have some good news: I am not crazy anymore. Or at least my moments of clarity are lasting much longer.

I have some bad news: I am very depressed. And all of my monkey-like pressing of the levers is not bringing me joy or relief like it used to.

I have this overwhelming urge to dump everything in my life and start all over. A new creation.

I think I will wait this urge out just a bit longer.

Perhaps it is just more crazy in disguise.


Becky said...

I understand. Sigh

I like to fake it 'til I make it.

terri said...

Becky, Darling: you are faking it really WELL if you are having to fake it!:) I am very proud of you and the way you handle things...

Sarah said...

Blech. I know the feeling.

Terri, I hope your holiday gives you some much needed peace.

terri said...

Thanks Sarah...I DID buy about 15 bottles of wine, so I will either get some peace - or I will pass out. Either way, I won't be whining. And that is fantastic on Christmas Eve!
Happy Holidays, my friend!

Jorge said...


Well it's the new year and still no post.

I'm hoping that you're on a hiatus, rather than in a helpless state.

Don't know how I can help, but you know where to find me.

JustJock said...

Either things are going really well, and you don't need this outlet...or things are so bad that you can't bring yourself to ride this pony.

I hope its the former. You're missed, you know.

It's been a rough season for all, I think. I'm just now beginning to come out of the funk.

Rebecca said...

Seriously missing you terri. Where you be????

Marla said...

Where oh where has our little Terri gone? Where oh where can she be?

Everything ok?

terri said...

You guys - oh, how I have missed you. *jumping up and down* HERE I am! HERE!