Man, Truck, Dog. Life is good.

Man, Truck, Dog. Life is good. by tielji
Man, Truck, Dog. Life is good., a photo by tielji on Flickr.
It's been awhile, friends. And honestly - that is a good thing. I haven't been fit for company.

I must apologize for the poison and nastiness in my last post. I have actually been that angry and hurt-y inside all summer long, it seems. Not only did I have myself convinced that I was the victim, but I allowed myself the luxury of striking out blindly against the ones that I love the most. How in the world did I let that happen?

Last summer it was the broken heart. This summer it was the bitter heart. If I don't get a handle on things, who knows what my heart will do next summer?

Enough of all of that.

I need to take the reigns of my emotion back before I damage any more relationships that are important to me. I need to forgive, speak words of peace, and most of all - I need to remember to be kind. To everyone. Including myself.

What a concept, eh?
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