These are a few of my favorite things...

(what it looks like when you are in the way on stage)

I felt Spring in the air today, and it made me want to Spring Clean! No, I didn't actually DO anything of that nature, but I did scrub a few things down. And while I did my scrubbing, I got out some of my old stuff...when did Bush become old stuff? Isn't that sad? And then I played some Korn. Who had to be monitored for volume whenever I heard my kids scampering near...

We are trying to do more family things here in the H home...we have gone out for Sunday dinner three Sundays in a row! The best part is: There have been no Cold Wars or Fire of Hell Battles during our outings. It is a small victory to report back to the marriage counselor.

Yeah...still going to the marriage counselor. She likes me. But I think she likes Jerry more. I can't fault her on her good taste, but I would like to have her in MY corner. Now you can see the kind of reasoning that landed me in marriage counseling to begin with.

Just got me some tix for Rocco de Lucca and the Burden on March 17th. I found them just before Christmas and have been wallering in their music ever since. You must go check 'em out.

Then come the Decemberists! Yeah...check them out, too.

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