State of the Terri Address

I really only have four "State of Being" status'.

Sure, there are variations of them, strange combinations to be sure, and even some hybrids. Those of you who know me will have experienced some if not all of these personality facets at one time or another. I have identified them as follows:

1- Magnanimous, nurturing, generous and wise.
2- Peevish, selfish, narrow minded and suspicious.
3- Hopelessly optimistic, in tune with the flow of consciousness, effervescent and childlike.
4- Fearful, jaded, sharp tongued and cynical.

Perhaps those four could be combined into two? I don't know. I DO know that I experience the more pleasant parts of me more frequently. I wonder if others would say the same.

Right now I am feeling rebellious (which personality does THAT fit into??)...like I have been held down too long and am aching to break free. But free of what?

I have ceremoniously destroyed all influences (except for my boss, obviously) that have had any power over how I conduct my life. I didn't do that on purpose, mind you. But now I alone am the only restriction to buck against!

I don't mind feeling rebellious or adventurous or like breaking free - I only mind the clean up after I have gone on my little indulgent spree. The price can be too high.

I am going to try and morph into the wisemagnaminousgenerousnurturer before morning.


Jim said...

Ohhhh ... can the peanut gallery join in? I'd like to see you combine into one massive personality with the following traits:

Magnanimously jaded, nurturingly selfish, generously suspicious, wisely childlike, peevishly optimistic, narrow-mindedly cynical, effervescently fearful with a sharp-tongued flow of consciousness.

Ohhhh what a wild ride that would be! :-)

terri said...

Holy criminy, Jim! That would be a miracle on so many levels...but worth a try. I will let you know how it turns out. :)

ColleenQ said...

Personally, I have seen no evidence of trait #2, peevish, selfish, narrow minded or suspicious.

(hilarious? squeeze that in somewhere, too).

Riff Dog said...

Personally, I always saw you as a rebel. A very cute rebel, but a rebel nonetheless.

terri said...

Colleen...where are you? I miss you!

Riff - I can deal with your vision. Am I a leather wearing rebel? :)