The Terri's New Groove

So...I turned 37 last Friday. It definitely wasn't a graceful maturation on any level - physically, emotionally, or physically. In fact, I had just gotten used to being 36. I was finally learning to embrace myself and all of the changes that middle age has brought me. But there was NO room for 37.

In order to break my fall a bit, my friends and I made some plans. Some good plans. But you know how it is with plans. Yeah - they fell through at the last minute. So being me, I made more plans...it was my birthday, dammit!

My friends, F.D.P., were playing down at the Rio Grande so a coworker and I decided to go down and check it out. One birthday shot down, one margarita started, chips and salsa being munched, a steady stream of people I know coming in the door...oh how exciting!!

And that is where it all falls apart.

Someone slipped something into my drink.

I have spent the last week trying to figure out what all I did, said, and who I may have fallen into/puked on/cried at...my imagination has run wild. I could have talked to my coworker who took me and brought me home to my bewildered husband, but I have been too ashamed.

I do have record of most of the night on camera. Gawd, I love my camera.

Last night, I finally asked my friend to come look through the pics with me and to help me figure out a time line because I just have to know what happened.

Turns out, although I have no memory of any of it, we actually all had a pretty good time. The only really embarrassing thing I did in public was fall face first into the band...and they love me, so they weren't mad. I spent the rest of the night going from table to table, talking to my friends, taking pics, dancing, and then at some point I told Whitney that I was going to be ill - which I was. In private. And she took me home.

I wish I would have known that...I wish people didn't put things in other peoples drinks...I wish that I hadn't spent the last week feeling ashamed for something that somebody else did to ME!

We are having a re-birthday weekend this weekend. 37 may have been dreaded, and it may have started out awful...but it is MY 37, and I intend to make it the very best 37 that ever was.
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