More of the Same


It's been awhile. Too long, really. I am always thinking about the words in my head that want to find their way to paper (you know what I mean), but have been too ...I don't know. Stubborn? Prideful? Petulant? Lazy?? However you want to describe it, I have been too much of it to open this blog back up.

But here I am.

Today I said something really awful to a friend. It was the very worst kind of awful - the kind that leaves marks and hangs in the air with all of it's poison relentlessly oozing. Ugh.

I asked him why the terrible people in our world couldn't be the ones offing themselves instead of the talented, beautiful and beloved.

It was supposed to be a harmless musing out loud. It was not harmless.

I am glad that my friend knows my heart and can forgive my outrageousness (that isn't a word, by the way - but it should be).
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